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SLEEP IN THE GUTTER RATHER THAN LA QUINTA This is to document my recent stay at a La Quinta Hotel on Frontage Street by the airport in Orlando Florida. Please sleep in the gutter rather than stay at La Quinta I had a reservation for a disability accessible room and checked in at 7:30 PM, and was directed to room 113.

Walked the 150 Feet to the room. I lost my leg serving my country and wear a prosthetic leg. Got to room 113 and nearly fell because the entire room had laminate flooring and was extremely slippery. Almost immediately I began to sneeze and my eyes started to itch Went back to the front desk and stopped in the vending machine room only to find that all vending machines were “OUT OF ORDER”.

When I got to the front desk I informed them that I could not stay in room 113 because it was entirely laminate flooring and because I wore a prosthetic leg I could not stay in that room. I was told that room 113 was for disabled people with pets. I explained that I was extremely allergic to cats and asked if anyone had benadryl or could go get some benadryl. I was told that no one had any benadryl and no one could get me some.

When I complained that I was allergic I was told that nothing could be done “It was too bad” When I asked if any vending machines worked , I was told none of them work but I could walk over across the street and use the vending machines at the hotel across the street. I informed them that I could not walk that far and was told “Well you are out of luck.” I was then assigned to room 213. I rode the elevator and walked all the way to room 213 I opened the door and turned on the lights only to learn that there were no lights in room 213. I walked all the way down the hall to the elevator, and was now upset and irate.

I went to the front desk and before I could say 1 word the clerk, Randall saw me and said not you again! I was now upset and told Randall that I wanted a room with lights, emphatically I told him that I was exhausted and had lost my leg and asked if a wheel chair was available. Randall stated, we don’t have a wheel chair and I don’t care about your leg big deal and added I’m only 32 and have a *** knee and you’re an *** hole. I thought about calling the police but because I had an early flight out I decided to drop the issue.

I was then assigned to room 313. I got to room 313, sneezing with my eyes nearly shut and was delighted to find that the lights worked. So I took off my clothes, put my prosthetic leg back on and walked to the bathroom. I sat on the disability bench in the tub and took off my prosthetic leg, and got ready to relax with a nice shower.

I reached for the shower head and was delighted to learn that the shower head was not attached to anything! At 10 PM they cane and put a new shower head on. I noticed that the room was cold and that the wall HEAT – AC unit did not work By now it was 12 midnight and decided that it was not worth dealing with the front desk so I slept in my clothes and coat, under the blankets The only way my stay at La Quinta could have been worse was if the slowly tortured me to death.

I contacted La Quinta and was assigned a case number with the promise that someone would contact that day or the next It’s been a week and not one word from La Quinta La Quinta hotels should be shut down forever. I have been traveling for over 50 years and never had even one of the above conditions let alone eight!

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