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Bugs in room, not a few, but a lot! Turned back bed, blood on sheets!

Very little help or none at all from manager!

Terrible comp. breakfast, no spoons or forks and milk, orange juice pots mty! Just a very bad experience, could not get my money back to stay some where else! Just a warning, stay here at own risk!!!!!!

very bad parking, very little or no handicap parking. Called Corp.

office, no help here either! Just a word of warning if you stay here lots of luck and have a very miserable experience Would you want to stay in a place like this?

This reviewer shared experience about "several of above" and wants this business to offer any options to resolve the issue as the author lost $480. The author is overall dissatisfied with La Quinta Inn. The most disappointing about la quinta inn room from La Quinta Inn was would never book here again and warn people not to and this was rediclous unexpectable Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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ok so if the first thing you noticed was the bugs, why on earth would you stay there and expect anything better if the management as you say was no help?

would you actually expect breakfast to be good? jeez people don't understand, complimentary breakfast is just that COMPLIMENTARY doesn't mean it's going to be great just comp'd.

you say you called their corporate offices?

then why would you stay there?

if you had such an issue i would have fought any and all charges with your CC company. and if you paid cash, well then that's on you to fight for your refund which you should have insisted upon after seeing the bugs, because i sure as heck would not have stayed in that room 1 second longer.

learn to take some responsibility , even though the conditions may have been as you stated, by staying there with them as they were you are partly to blame.

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